“While tap can boast competitiveness, here it telegraphed care.”
Guillermo Perez, Sun Sentinel

“She tiptoes, skids and brushes, gently paring away at the floor, coaxing out the sounds through terrifically seasoned technique... We happily remember, thanks to Katherine Kramer, that jazz dance (which today lies in the realm of the body) and tap dance (in the feet) all used to be one, big happy family."
Constance Valis Hill, Albany Times Union

“Lively and interesting”
Deborah Jowitt, Village Voice

“She has firm control of the visual impact of bodies.”
David Vaughan, Dance Magazine

“Playful and accomplished”
Don McDonagh, New York Times

“But even if you’ve never given tap a thought before, I have a feeling you may become addicted after catching Katherine Kramer’s infectious introduction to the Calgary children’s festival.”
Martin Morrow, Calgary Herald

“Kramer’s sincerity as a dancer and storyteller captivated the audience... Kramer punctuated each anecdote with dance. She dreamed. She flew. She mourned. And then she rediscovered the balance that helps people cope with life. All this with a rat-a-tat or slide of her well-placed feet.”
Wendy Libertore, The Albany Daily Gazette

“...when she was seemingly fused with the music, her moves demonstrated the freedom and joy of improvisation.”
Dakota Lane, Woodstock Times

“...it was Kramer’s feet that spoke so eloquently... shifted rhythms and sounds in a seamless progression, from the simple to the mind-bogglingly complex. Kramer became another member of the band as she moved her feet over and under and around the music’s beat.” 
Anne Herman, Anchorage Daily News

“There were times when Kramer’s taps shook like gourded instruments from another time and place, others when they rasped with the finesse of fine brush strokes on cymbals... floating arm arcs, snappy finger stories, reptilian hip movements, facial expressions that were comic, penetrating and alluring by turn, completing the portrait of a woman possessed. Breath quickened just watching her move.”
Woodstock Times