DanceSense is a 10-part video series written by Katherine, produced by Kentucky Educational Television in 2001. Download the teacher's guide or order the complete dance toolkit.

DanceSense explores why people dance, the elements of dance, dance styles, dance in a multicultural and historical context, and dance as an art form. It uses performances, archival photographs and footage, and interviews to capture dance's emotion and energy and to stimulate students' interest, understanding, and appreciation.


YoungArts Tap Mentoring

The National YoungArts Foundation identifies and nurtures the most accomplished young artists in the visual, literary, design, and performing arts and assists them at critical junctures in their educational and professional development. YoungArts aspires to create a community of alumni that provides a lifetime of encouragement, opportunity, and support.

Dario Natarelli, Evan DeBenedetto, Alaman Diadhiou, Alex Greenlee, Maddie Murphy, Dan Mitra, Ryan Casey, Caleb Teicher, Katherine Mcmanus, Gaby Dias, Justin Ballasy, Connor Yockus, Michelle May, Ani Mayo, Demi Remick